Jack Thompson to ban reading??

Sorry for the sensational headline

Maybe if he saw this article on the BBC he would at least
consider it!

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Getting Out From Under: Procrastination

There’s considerable misunderstanding about procrastination. For one thing, it’s not laziness. Settling into the fertile psychological ground between our intentions and our actions, procrastination is an active mental process of diverting yourself from doing high-priority things in the delusion that tomorrow will be better.

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INSANE Mosaic! Check this out… crazy.

This is crazy. It goes on forever… please. I’m begging you. Check it out…

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What the PS3 can really do

Quantic Dream, developers of the psychological adventure Indigo Prophecy, have recently showed off their new game Heavy Rain. The demo is running in real time on the Playstation 3 hardware

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Online Poker Utility Steals Logins

A utility called Rakeback Calculator, distributed by checkraised.com, contains a trojan that steals your logins and passwords, according to security firm F-Secure.

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Thank You Stephen Colbert

more then 32824 people said â??Thank You.â?? to Colbert and it’s all because of him being so BALLSELICIOUS!!!
So lets all bow down to a true American Hero w/ balls as big as church bells!

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Google Store now has a USB mousemat

USB mousemats are a reality with Google. A very convenient idea.

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